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Strange law and customs around the world

In Sweden, if you drink and drive, you have to go to prison for six months.

In Brazil, you should never make the “OK” sign with your thumb. It’s very rude.

In Germany, every office must have a view of the sky

In the Midle East, you shouldn’t admire anything in your host’s home. they’ll feel that they have to give it to you.

In India, you sholdn’t thank your hosts at the end of the meal, it’s an insult

In Japan, women mustn’t wear trousers to work.

In Iceland, you mustn’t take dogs into the city centre

In Thailand, you shouldn’t touch a person’s head, even of a child, the head is sacred.

In Switzerland, you arent allowed to clean your car or cut the grass on a Sunday

In Samoa, it’s against the law for a man to forget his wife’s birthday

In Singapore, you mustnt eat cheing gum, it’s against the law

In France, you are not allowed to call a pig Napoleon

In China, when you use chopsticks, you shouldnt leave them upright in the bowl. It brings bad luck

In Russia, men shold take off their gloves to shake hands

In Italy, you shold give flowers in odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 It’s bad luck to give even numbers, eg 2 flowers

In UK, parents dont have to send their children to school, they can teach them at home if they prefer



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